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James Greenhouses Growing FacilitiesJames Greenhouses was founded in 1998 by Ken and Leah James. The idea was simple enough – to produce high quality perennial plugs and liners for growers across the southeast. Fast forward to today - with a dedicated team of 36 people we produce and ship about 13 million liners per year across North America and beyond. The company has grown a lot, but the focus on quality and customer service remains the same. It is the higher standard that our customers have come to expect.

Our facility is located in rural Colbert, Georgia just outside of Athens. Our mild winters and high light levels allow for year-round liner production. We grow in clean, modern facilities that are designed for propagation. In our production space, we utilize mist booms, under bench hot water heat, sub-irrigation, naturally ventilated houses and computerized environmental controls. All are designed to keep quality up and costs down.

Another key to our success is our relationship with the University of Georgia. Our friendship with Dr. Allan Armitage and others has produced a steady stream of new varieties, marketing ideas, and talented employees. It is fair to say that UGA has produced some of our best people.

Currently, James Greenhouses produces about 650 varieties of perennials, tropicals and specialty annuals. The majority are grown in 72 cell trays, but custom sizes range from 21 to 200 cell trays. For those high-value TC items, we use Ellepots manufactured on site to ensure minimum transplant shock.

To help bring new varieties to market, we work closely with Bartles Stek, Blooms of Bressingham, Chicagoland Grows, Conard-Pyle, Cultivaris, Danziger, Darrell Probst, Darwin Perennials, Hueger Trading Co., Intrinsic Perennials, ItSaul Plants, Molter BV, PlantHaven, Plants Nouveau, Sunny Border, Syngenta, Terra Nova and others. Look for their exciting introductions throughout our site.

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