22 years ago, Ken and Leah began James Greenhouses as a two person team with the goal of supplying quality perennial plugs and liners to southeastern growers. Today with a team of over 50 people they ship perennial, rose, hosta and helleborus liners across North America, and their unwavering quest to deliver a higher standard endures. These days their attention is focused mainly on business management, but you can still find Leah in the growing areas evaluating plant performance or Ken in the shop planning the next project at the greenhouse, a place that just keeps growing.


Office Manager
Amanda makes sure that we have everything needed to operate effectively and efficiently. She is responsible for managing the customer service team.
Customer Service
As customer service specialist, Christa keeps availability and order information flowing to James’ customers.
Invoicing & IT
Working primarily on the accounting side of customer service, Jess keeps all invoicing and accounts payable up-to-date.
Order Fulfillment
The behind-the-scenes conductor at James Greenhouses, Theresa facilitates the entire order process – from order placement to fulfillment.
Operations Manager
Brandon is responsible for giving our plants their best start possible and ensuring healthy, vigorous liners and plugs.
As shipping manager, Tony is the man behind packaging and shipping. He makes sure James’ plants arrive safely and on schedule.
Plant Trials Manager
Heather puts new varieties through their paces in field and container trials. She also is responsible for inspecting and virus testing all incoming plant material.
Inventory Control
James’ inventory control manager Deisy follows each plant throughout the growing process in order to track inventory for order fulfillment.


Founder and owner

This skilled team of managers and staff is the main component in James’ success. They are dedicated to their craft – from the moment a cutting is stuck to the day our young plants arrive safely in your facility. Thank you Team!