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6.25.13 - Our new catalog

news imageIt is that time again, when our new catalog for 2013-2014 is finished! Get it hot off the presses. There are a lot of new additions this year that we are very excited about. The website has also been updated to reflect our new catalog's offerings and prices for 2013-2014. Check out our Blueberry section in the Fruit Crops products area for some fantastic varieties that are new and exclusive to James Greenhouses along with some great UGA tried and trialed varieties too. There are new additions to each section so be sure to check them out as well. Place your orders early, our service representatives are standing by!

3.12.13 - Is Helleborus the next Echinacea?

We certainly think so, but don't take our word for it - check out Armitage's thoughts on the subject in this recent article for Greenhouse Grower Magazine.

7.12.12 - We are up for the Operation of the Year Award! Again!

news imageGreenhouse Grower 2012 Operation of the Year Award would be such an honor to receive! Its so nice when one's hard work is noticed. Even if we are not ultimately the winners of this fine achievement, we are grateful to be in the running.

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2.06.12 - The real beauty of Spring Promise®

news imageThe real beauty of Spring Promise® Hellebores from Heuger’s Helleborus Gold Collection (HGC) is the 100% first year flowering. Propagation by division as opposed to seed insures this as well as true to type outcomes. Reliability of garden performance is what consumers covet, especially when they discover something as alluring as the hellebores of the Spring Promise® series. Offering a variety of colors that range from yellows to dark reds, this collection also exhibits unique petal arrangements and lush foliage.

For more than 35 years, Germany’s Josef Heuger has committed himself to breeding hellebores for exceptional container presentation, great garden performance, and production reliability. He and his team have come to understand that hellebores are at their very best in cold weather and knowing the correct planting depth is key to successful development. Monitoring the watering of these plants as well as keeping the hellebores cool during hot summer months are also important for vigorous growth and blooming. All of these facts and more are not discovered overnight. Devotion, hard work, and the belief in a superior line of breeding fueled the introduction of these quality hellebores to the world. And we can hardly imagine what might happen next.

2.05.12 - Helleborus liners are ON!

news imageThe 2012 crop of Helleborus liners are coming on strong and will begin shipping week 8. In case you did not know, our Helleborus crop’s success is rooted in months of research, planning and daily (hourly) monitoring. For 22 weeks, our Production and Growing staff has intensely managed this crop. The result is a deep 36 cell Helleborus liner that is hands-down the best in the biz.

We have many different varieties to choose from with a wide range in color and blooming times.


news imageAs of April 6, 2009 the USDA has begun testing all imported Hostas

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