Staircase™ Series ‘Blue’
The Staircase™ Series of Lupine is an impressive addition to the spring garden. With large upright flowers from spring to summer, Lupine is great in large containers or in the middle or border of the garden. This series produces flowers topping 2 feet tall in sensational colors. The Staircase™ Lupines from Green Fuse will flower without vernalization, but best flowering will be achieved with some cooling: bulk liners for 6 weeks in cold conditions (35°-40°) and finish the plants in cool spring temperatures of (60° day and 57° night). Plants will continue to bloom until the night temperature is above 72°. Lupine is a wonderful butterfly, pollinator bee and hummingbird attractor and is also deer and rabbit resistant. Makes great cut flowers. This is a short-lived but spectacular perennial.
common name:
plug size:
hardiness zone:
4 – 8
purple/lavender, blue
full sun
bloom time:
spring to summer
patent status:
Next Availability:  Check in 2025