Ladyslippers™ Series ‘Strawberry Ice’
Streptocarpus is a typically a houseplant but can also be used in a patio container setting for a shady spot. The Ladyslippers™ series from Green Fuse produces larger flowers and more foliage per plant. Cape Primrose has showy flowers from spring to fall on the patio and can be brought indoors for more winter blooms. It prefers to be grown in shade or indirect sunlight and can be sub-irrigated to keep soils moist and to keep the velvety foliage dry. Good soil drainage is a must as this plant will not tolerate being overwatered. Allow soil to dry to the touch in between waterings. Fertilize every two weeks for continuous flowering. Relative of the African violet but not as fussy.
common name:
cape primrose
plug size:
hardiness zone:
10 – 11
magenta, pink
bloom time:
spring to fall
patent status:
Next Availability:  Check in 2025