Rudbeckia hirta

Rising SunĀ® Series ‘Chestnut Gold’
Rudbeckia Rising Sun 'Chestnut Gold' is a beautiful selection with very large 4"-6" yellow flowers with a deep golden orange eye. Unlike other hirta forms Rising Sun 'Chestnut Gold' is not day length dependent for flowering. It is the first day length neutral hirta form on the market, which means earlier flowering in the spring when more customers are purchasing plants. Native to the southeast and deer resistant. Attracts butterflies and pollinator bees to the garden. Let the seed heads form to ensure reseeding as hirta forms may sometimes not survive the winter wet but do reseed readily.
common name:
black eyed susan
plug size:
hardiness zone:
4 – 6
yellow, orange/peach
full sun
bloom time:
spring to fall
patent status:
Next Availability:  Check in 2023