Ice N' Roses® Series ‘Bennotta’
The Ice N' Roses® series from Heuger is a new line of genetics that have produced several vigorous and robust varieties in vivid colors. Most of the color choices in this series bloom from December to March with many holding their flowers well into spring. The foliage is evergreen with large palmate leaves and red stems with the flowers being held upright. The flowers in this series range from pure white to rose-pink as well as deep reds and even some with picotee edges. 72 cell shipments start in week 2 & 18 cell orders begin shipping after week 35.
common name:
lenten rose
plug sizes:
18, 72
hardiness zone:
4 – 8
red, magenta
partial shade
bloom time:
january to march
patent status:
Next Availability: Week 32