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our people

Gerald Turner: As shipping manager, Gerald is the man behind packaging and shipping. He makes sure our plants arrive safely and on schedule.

Sherri Pike: Working primarily on the accounting side, Sherri keeps invoicing and accounts receivable up-to-date.

Eli Barnard: Our inventory control manager Eli follows each plant throughout the growing process in order to track inventory for order fulfillment.

Christa Rittenhouse: As office assistant, Christa keeps availability and order information flowing to our customers.

Robby Jourdan: Robby is our sales and project manager of James Greenroofs, a sister company of James Greenhouses. Visit him at

Rett Junkins: Our head grower Rett is responsible for managing the overall health and readiness of all our crops.

Heather Koepnick: As plant trials manager, Heather puts new varieties through their paces in field and container trials. She also is responsible for all incoming plant material.

Brandon Heavern: Brandon is our production manager. He is responsible for giving our plants their best start possible and ensuring healthy, vigorous plugs.

Amanda Johnson: As customer service specialist, Amanda makes sure orders are accurate and up-to-date throughout the growing process to give the best possible information to our customers.

Theresa Prickett: The behind-the-scenes conductor at James Greenhouses, Theresa facilitates the entire order process – from order placement to fulfillment.


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